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Celebrity Trusts & Estates: Casey Kasem Conservatorship Battle Highlights the Need for Clarity Regarding Control over Visitation

Posted in Probate and Elder Abuse Litigation
Family Drama Casey Kasem’s three adult children from his first marriage have spent the last several months in L.A. County Superior Court fighting their stepmother, Jean, for control of their father’s personal affairs through a conservatorship proceeding. Casey’s daughter Julie originally filed a petition seeking to be appointed conservator of her father based on claims… Continue Reading

Mother Lacked Standing to Appeal Probate Court’s Order Relating to Her Son’s Rights

Posted in Probate and Elder Abuse Litigation
In Conservatorship of Gregory D., (“Gregory D.”), the Court of Appeal considered whether the mother of a conservatee had standing to appeal an order that, among other things, set a visitation schedule for her son, an adult conservatee.  The Court of Appeal determined that the mother did not have standing to appeal, as she had… Continue Reading