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Casebriefs – How Recent Decisions Could Impact You

Posted in Estate and Trust Planning
In our monthly department meetings, the trusts and estates group at Weintraub keeps current by reviewing recent cases and discussing how they could affect our practice. See below for some highlights from the past few months: Pena v. Dey – When is Self-Help Enforceable? (Filed August 30, 2019) The gist: James Robert Anderson established a… Continue Reading

There’s No Place Like Home – Heightened Evidentiary Standard for Moving Conservatees from Their Personal Residence

Posted in Conservatorship
Frequently when a conservatorship proceeding is commenced, the proposed conservatee is residing in his or her personal residence. Having a conservatorship established can be a distressing experience for a conservatee who has awareness of the effect of such a proceeding. One primary concern may be whether there is going to be a change to living… Continue Reading